Baseball Betting Strategy: - My Private MLB Betting Model

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Baseball Betting Strategy: - My Private MLB Betting Model

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Download my private MLB Betting Model. This is the baseball betting strategy that I use successfully for years!

Nothing More! Nothing Less!

Generate your own baseball odds with my long-term MLB profitable betting model.

I am revealing this to you.

  • Downloadable spreadsheet with formulas (the same I use for myself)
  • Video with instructions on how to use it
  • Affiliate opportunity for you to earn more (50% share)

Nothing more. Nothing less!


  • Estimate your own odds and winning percentages (full game and 1st5 innings, plus totals)
  • Using advanced statistics, that are automatically imported from the internet
  • Taking into account the current form, different situations (LHP, RHP), players lineups, bullpen,...
  • Thousands of data turned into projected odds in seconds
  • Players lineups, that you can change
  • Use your ideas and change parameters and weights to different stats periods. For example, if you want to give more weight to the current form, you can change it in the model.
  • Important statistics are automatically imported from the internet.
  • Have more fun when watching and betting games
  • Be different than 95% of other bettors who don't come up with their own odds before they bet

Something, no other sports bettor is willing to share with you...

Download my private MLB betting model spreadsheet and formulas, that I use for myself.

  • MLB 2016: +40.67 units
  • MLB 2017: +56.20
  • MLB 2018: +3.83 units (CLV: +1.92%, BTL: 64%)
  • MLB 2019: +12.50 units (CLV: +1.64%, BTL: 63.12%, Best Value Plays CLV: 3.33%, BTL: 75%)
  • MLB 2020: +15.20 units (CLV: +1.65%, BTL: 77.78%)
  • MLB 2021: -64.46 (CLV: +2.82, xCLV: +0.25%, atypical season because of Covid. Specific rules, injuries just before games started, pitchers changed,...)
  • MLB 2022 +23.44 (318-271, CLV: +2.58%, BTL: 74.35%)

  • generate your own odds before you bet on MLB baseball
  • You'll have this model for a lifetime and you won't need to pay or follow sports picks anymore.
  • Plus it is much more fun if you make your own analysis.

I am giving you a tool, that can analyze more than 2430 games in a half a year!!

Be different!

Bet with numbers.

Not with gut feelings!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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I want this!

You'll get...

Private MLB Betting Model
Download Spreadsheet
Bet Tracker
Included in the spreadsheet
Video with instructions
Watch how to use it and how to use it in next years
Affiliate Program = 50%
Earn $499.5 every time someone buys MLB betting model with your referral link.


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